The Tone of Marketing Speaks Volumes

Why the indirect message implied in marketing is more important than the direct.

Photo by Glenn Geffcken

The Place We Feed Within an Audience

A billboard for a personal injury lawyer with an image of a menacing looking man in a suite and copy that says “We fight for you” is saying we have what you want, not what you need. More deeply though, such an ad speaks to an egoic place within people who want to feel more powerful. They don’t feel powerful in their life, and they just got rear ended at a traffic stop and now (through this lawyer) they have the ability to feel powerful.

The Real Reason for People to Use Our Products & Services

Why is this important? It’s important because more so than what we feed within the psyche of an audience, is what we’re saying about who we are as a company. If we’ve created a product or service that we truly believe in, and then market to an audience by appealing to base human desires, we are cheapening the value of what we’ve created. More importantly still, we are failing to convey the real reason people ought to be using our products and services.

Intent on the evolution of human consciousness, beginning with me. Writing about marketing, branding, spirituality & politics.

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